How To Become A Data Driven Business

Data guides sound decision making, which introduces new efficiency and potential market opportunities for an organization. A truly data-driven organization does not necessarily or simply include bringing on board data scientists or bi analyst to the it department. It’s an integration into the day-to-day operations.

Enabling action with Predictive Analytics

As the name implies, “predictive analytics” is a type of machine learning where models and algorithms work together to offer predictions of how a future scenario might unfold.

Exploring the Potential of Blockchain

Blockchain is the underlying technology that makes Bitcoin (and other crypto-currencies) possible, but it’s a much broader and potentially transformative technology. It’s a good analogy to consider the blockchain as the internet and Bitcoin a cloud-based application such as email or CRM.

The Role of Power BI in the Data-Centric Organizaiton

For the modern company that “runs on data”, there’s a pressing need to analyze and pull discoveries from the information. A core tool for data analysts is business intelligence (BI), a solution that has evolved over time to become user-friendly and powerful.