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A full suite of engineering-led automated and manual testing solutions for software and wearable devices

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The Importance of Quality

Statistics estimate that nearly 80-95% of new products and services wind up as failures. User expectations of products and services are higher than ever even amid market disruption, which increases the need for faster development cycles, launching new features and fixing bugs, quickly and seamlessly. Those who move faster and adapt efficiently will scale.

What We Do

Quality Engineering Services

We work with your existing Quality Assurance or Quality Engineering Partner to develop test strategies, identify requirements, and expected outcomes of quality engineering projects

Make sure your project meets your deliverable goals by validating that all user requirements, functions and features meet specifications

Speed kills user experience and the ability of a business to scale faster. Users expect your app, device or platform to run quickly. We ensure your product endures a stress test to guarantee it can handle real-world scenarios and fringe use cases

Our industry-driven expertise help clients get to market faster using new-age automated AI/ML testing platforms designed to find critical errors and warnings quickly, pushing requirements back to developers for resolution

Changing even the slightest bit of the interconnected code can break your app or device. Regression tests existing functionality, features and user experience are maintained from version to version

Developing regulatory-compliant solutions for digital health requires a lot of security considerations. We help ensure your app, platform and wearable devices maintain the highest level of security while in use, in transit, and in rest

Specialized Device Services

We work with businesses and develop test case scenarios for them to navigate the expected outcomes of quality engineering projects and better understand pain points

Businesses these days are racing to market new digital apps and services on wearable devices.  But it is important to note that every device is different. Our hardware testing team can develop a test plan and custom test bed for your wearable device

Receiving FCC and FDA certification for wireless hardware devices can be complication. Our regulatory compliance testing ensures you meet or exceed standards for FDA, HIPAA, HITECH, ADA, CCPA, GDPR, PIPEDA and AODA.

Intelligent Wearable Testing Framework

Digital Health QE Framework
How We Work With You

Quality Engineering Process

We understand every business has their unique product engineering journey and hence we follow a variety of ways to help you at each and every stage of your product development lifecycle.

1Requirements Analysis

Before we can start Quality Engineering, we need to understand your goals. We begin by reviewing the current state of your product or service, including an in-depth technical analysis, business analysis, and documentation review. We check whether the requirements are transparent, consistent, complete, and suitable for testing activities. In case they aren’t, we redesign the requirements (if required).

2Project Planning

Once the requirements are understood we put together a project scope, assign responsibilities, and develop a test plan unique to your project. Later, we configure relevant test automation tools and frameworks, if needed.

3Environment Setup

Once you are ready to launch, we setup our hardware and software environments, program automated testing platforms with real-world or simulated data, select our human-user test subjects, and receive shipment of your hardware (if required).

4Project Launch

Once the requirements are understood we put together a project scope, assign responsibilities, and develop a test plan unique to your project. Later, we configure relevant test automation tools and frameworks, if needed.


Once your project test is complete, we provide you a comprehensive report outlining the success and failure conditions, their severity, and paths to resolution. This report can be shared with your internal or external developers for remediation.

6Support & Maintenance

Continuous delivery means rapid iterations of your platform. Our tests are designed to be repeatable, allowing for easier integration into your CI/CD pipeline, allowing our team to launch test cases when you commit code to the pipeline, or release updated firmware for your devices.

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