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We do Quality Engineering for Wearables, Biosensors, and Companion Applications

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Digital Health Pioneers

Set benchmarks for customer experience through mobile applications and hardware device testing & quality engineering services.

digital health portal and companion app testing

Digital Health Portal & Companion App Testing

Developing a user-friendly regulatory compliant websites, portals, and health app requires considerable consideration. Our team develops & executes test plans for our client apps

Firmware & Embedded Testing

Firmware & Embedded Testing

Our engineering team develops destructive and non-destructive custom test plans and test beds to put your devices to the test, including battery utilization monitoring, sensor testing, and communication & connectivity testing

Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing

We make sure your project meets or exceeds regulatory compliance standards, including FDA, HIPAA, HITECH, ADA, CCPA, GDPR, PIPEDA and AODA

device lab

Device Lab

We maintain a state-of-the-art mobile device lab allowing our clients to test their wearables & mHealth companion apps across current smartphone devices from major manufacturers

Did you know?

Samsung, Google, Apple and other mobile phone manufacturers manage Bluetooth connectivity and companion apps differently. It is important to test your device across various generations of smartphones to ensure compatibility.

Quality Engineering Services

For Digital Health Companies

QE consulting

QE Consulting

We work with your existing Quality Assurance or Quality Engineering Partner to develop test strategies, identify requirements, and expected outcomes of quality engineering projects

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Make sure your project meets your deliverable goals by validating that all user requirements, functions and features meet specifications

performance testing

Performance Testing

Speed kills user experience and revenue opportunities fast. Users expect your app, device or platform to run quickly. We put your project under a stress test to make sure it can handle real-world scenarios and fringe use cases

Test Automation

Test Automation

We help our clients get to market faster using automated AI/ML testing platforms designed to find critical application errors quickly, pushing requirements back to developers for resolution

regression testing

Regression Testing

New changes, updates and features can break your app or device. Regression tests existing functionality, features and user experience are maintained from version to version.

Security Testing

Developing regulatory-compliant solutions for digital health requires a lot of security considerations. We help make sure that your app, platform and wearable devices maintain the highest level of security while in use, in transit and in rest.

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