Quality Engineering & Testing for Digital Health Companies

We provide a full-lifecycle Quality Engineering Centre of Excellence for Digital Health Companies

End-to-End Quality Engineering

For Digital Health & Wearable Companies

Digital health companies trust TechBlocks to get their device and app to market sooner, through our comprehensive quality-engineering services.


Manual & Automated

We provide a combination of manual and automated testing of firmware, mobile apps, mobile apps, and cloud infrastructure to ensure compliance with FDA, HIPAA, HITECH, ADA, CCPA, GDPR, PIPEDA and AODA


Device-Specific Wearable

Building a wearable device can be difficult. TechBlocks helps with custom destructive and non-destructive device testing, including battery, radio, firmware, and sensors to ensure seamless integration


Human Subject

Test your device & companion app with actual people through first-person trials. We provide your device and app to a panel of testers who will provide comprehensive reporting back of their experience


Ground Truth Validation

Lab-simulated benchmark development of real world conditions is the gold-standard of device testing. Performance testing helps determine lifespan of the device for regulatory registration

Building a Bluetooth Wearable?

Building a wearable? Learn more about common issue with development Bluetooth Low Energy wearable devices from our CTO. Sabhi Siddiqui.


Intelligent Wearable Testing Framework

For Bluetooth Medical & Lifestyle Wearables

Set benchmarks for customer experience through mobile applications and hardware device testing & quality engineering services.

Digital Health QE Framework

Intelligent Wearable Testing Framework

For Bluetooth Medical & Lifestyle Wearables

Set benchmarks for customer experience through mobile applications and hardware device testing & quality engineering services.

Build a Test Plan

Base Line Tests Against Industry Best Practices

Prioritize Actionable Test Scenarios

Maps Scenarios to Test Frameworks

Setup Test Bench & Map Automation

Integration Reporting & Analytics

Continous Integration & Delivery











Test Components

Device Hardware

Device Firmware

Companion App

API Middleware

Cloud & Integration Platforms

Baseline Test Suite & Automation Framework

Outcomes Delivered

Access to Proven Test FWs and Accelerators

Enable Rapid Device Prototyping & Human Validation

Enable Rapid Device Prototyping & Human Validation

Reduce Device Development Costs up to 40%

Quality Assurance Services

QE Consulting

QE Consulting

We develop repeatable custom quality engineering frameworks and test cases for our clients products and services, allowing them to provide continuous improvement and continuous development of their software.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing determines if features in the app or platform work as per the software requirements. Functional testing frequently follows user stories to simulate the user experience in the way an end user would.


Performance Testing

Speed is a critical factor to user satisfaction. Slow apps & wearables can hurt the user experience. Performance testing ensures your product meets or exceeds expected performance benchmarks.

Test Automation

Test Automation

Test automation helps streamline the quality assurance process by using other software or hardware to test your product. Our team develops case-specific automation plans to test your wearable, app, or platform automatically with each release of your platform.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Updating your product, fixing bugs, or adding new features can introduce new bugs, or break existing features. Regression testing ensures that each new release of your product function as expected.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Companies developing digital health products are held to a higher standard when developing platforms or devices that capture personally identifiable information, and biofeedback data. Our looks for common security bugs, and works with penetration testers to help protect your user's sensitive data.

Human Subject Validation

Human Subject Validation

Human Subject Validation allows real users to work with your device or app in real world conditions to validate and test your product.

Device Specific Testing

Device Specific Testing

Every device is different. Our hardware testing team can develop a test plan and custom test bed for your wearable device

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Receiving FCC and FDA certification for wireless hardware devices can be complication. Our regulatory compliance testing ensures you meet or exceed standards for FDA, HIPAA, HITECH, ADA, CCPA, GDPR, PIPEDA and AODA.

Digital Health Companies

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Latest Project

Biofeddback Wearable Device

Biofeedback Wearable Device Startup choose TechBlocks to help develop the first clinically validated wearable with scientifically proven touch therapy that actively helps your body recover from stress and improve Heart Rate Variability.

Their solution has been clinically proven through numerous independent studies to improve focus, sleep, productivity, reduce anxiety and calm the user and allow for deeper meditative states.

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