Who Should Define Feature Roadmaps in an Organization?

A product roadmap provides end-to-end visibility into timelines, including the sequencing of priorities, that support your product-based initiatives. Everyone has an opinion on product roadmaps, but ultimately who should be defining the future of the product?

The Anatomy of Log4j JNDI Attack and How to Prevent It

LOG 4 J Image on a lap top

The Log4j JNDI vulnerability paves the way for massive potential cyber security attacks on Java-based applications. Researchers across the globe have already released working exploits that show the devastating repercussions of a potential attack.

Boost Customer Acquisition Efforts with Devops

In the modern business, most of the ways that companies are acquiring new customers are based on digital assets and communication. Nearly every business is a technology company, from the thermostat makers to coffee pot manufacturers, so the need for an agile and efficient software development process is applicable to all.

Five Key Benefits Of Building An Agile Business


Agile methodologies are especially effective for companies that want to shorten the delivery cycle while closely managing project costs.

Here are a few key benefits realized by businesses that implement cross-departmental agile teams.

Do you Have Technical Debt?

Technical Debt is a model in software development that reflects the implied cost of future rework when an organization utilizes a quick and easy short-term fix over a better long-term approach.