Boost Customer Acquisition Efforts with Devops

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Boost Customer Acquisition Efforts with Devops

In the modern business, most of the ways that companies are acquiring new customers are based on digital assets and communication. Nearly every business is a technology company, from the thermostat makers to coffee pot manufacturers, so the need for an agile and efficient software development process is applicable to all.

Here are five ways DevOps can aid customer acquisition efforts.

1. Faster time-to-market attracts new customers.

According to an IDC report, there is a 15 to 20% boost in the improvement of delivery of capabilities to customers through DevOps. While this statistic is looking at current customers, such speed of delivery can also attract new customers to the product or service. The satisfaction rates of the current customer base will result in more referrals and social recommendations to others. Consider a mobile payment application company that wants to introduce a new important feature before the competition. Through DevOps they have a short production cycle for development and testing, so their feature is the first of its kind. The buzz around this new feature drives adoption among new customers.


2. Improves engagement and satisfaction.

Prospect customers must have a certain level of trust-building engagement with a brand before they complete a purchase. Consider an e-commerce company that is launching a new line of complex products. In advance of the launch they might want to produce a companion application that describes the functions and features of the new products.

Without a streamlined DevOps in place, the company might have to delay the launch while waiting for a functional application, during which time they could be losing revenue. DevOps in this example correlates to engagement because it allows teams to build robust and immersive applications quickly, so they can capture customer’s attention before it goes elsewhere.


3. Incorporating feedback.

Part of the streamlined DevOps process involves incorporating the feedback of internal staff and the customer base after an application is launched. This allows the developers to make necessary changes that are crucial to the success of the application or platform. Meeting the stated needs of current customers will translate directly into acquiring similar new customers, as they’ll recognize the application/platform as being customer centric. This entire process creates a positive feedback loop where developers and operations work better together to improve the customer experience continually.


4. DevOps encourages metrics.

The DevOps process is based in analytics and efficiency. Management has (rightly) decided that the software development process should include integration between the development side with production, operations, and testing. This approach also encourages companies to measure their results. For customer-facing applications created through DevOps, this means looking at metrics such as; user growth rates, frequency of transactions, funnel/conversion rates, and amount of time spent in the application. An application that is ready to launch through DevOps in a record amount of time is unfortunately worthless if most customers delete it after a week. Metrics, and making adjustments based on those metrics are key part of the DevOps strategy.


5. Manage the pain points.

DevOps is ideally suited for companies that want to identify the “pain points” of their various applications and software. Once DevOps implementation starts rolling (after a trial project), many companies turn to the systems that are causing them and their customers problems. The first step is to collect data on these issues from internal and external audiences, and then run the project through the transparent DevOps process to smooth fix the issues and then conduct thorough testing. Acquiring a new customer means presenting them with value and a simple transaction/action process. DevOps can greatly aid customer acquisition by reducing the problem areas. For example, turning a “five tap” app task into a “two tap”, or replacing outdated and manual customer procedures with automation.


Looking to implement a more streamlined DevOps approach to boost your customer acquisition metrics? Talk to the expert consultants at TechBlocks about creating a customer-focused DevOps strategy that can improve efficiency, engagement, and reduce expenses.



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